Saturday, April 11, 2009

Question for Gardeners

I want to order a few plants that have been recommended to me and can't find locally: a corkscrew vine and Arctotis plants. Please tell me your favorite mail order gardening companies.

Celebrate Easter with Family & Friends

excuse my cross posting today - but just wanted to share:

I am really missing my Mama today. She loved Easter just as much as she enjoyed Christmas. The celebration of faith in Christ Jesus was foremost.

But she also loved the trappings of the day: cooking the ham, making potato salad and green beans. She dyed eggs until she was probably 68, always bought a new hat, suit, shoes and "pocketbook" for Easter Service.

My mother has been gone almost four years now and I have a new "family" of friends who have embraced me and I will enjoy an Easter feast with them tomorrow. In the meantime, celebrate the joy we have because of the Resurrection and the love of friends of family.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bahama Burnout by Don Bruns

Don Bruns is back with the fifth book in his Caribbean mystery series featuring music journalist Mick Sever in Bahama Burnout. This time Sever is on assignment for Newsweek in Nassau, Bahamas. He is there to tell the story of the resurrection of a music studio that once produced legendary music. After the changes in the music industry when anyone with a laptop and the right software can engineer their own CD, the studio fell on hard times. Then there was the fire with an unidentified body.

Sever is friends with the new owners of Highland Studios, Jonah and Rita Britt. So, when he learns of the urban legend concerning a ghost and other strange happenings, this becomes more than just a news story for Sever.

At first the question is who burned down the studio a year ago, and is there really a ghost, possibly the spirit of the charred unidentified body causing all the recent mayhem. Is it simply teenagers seeking drug money or fun that busted one guitar and stole another – from a locked room? Or is it as the islanders and Rita believes the work of the ghost?

Bruns has created a story that entertains on many levels. You have an island paradise setting, and enough music references from Elvis to Robert Palmer and Sheryl Crow to light up your iPod along with a solid whodunit with many twists and turns. Old fans and first timers will enjoy Bahama Burnout from fiery start to the surprising ending.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

My 1st Blogging Award

WOW, Dorte is so kind. She awarded me the "Your Blog is Fabulous" Award!

Dorte, is a fellow book lover in Denmark. So I guess I can say I am an international winner...LOL. Thank you so much for your kindness. Now I truly must do better.

Believe it or not, I think about the blog everyday. Most mornings on my way to work, I think "today I will just do a quick post on XYZ. "The next thing I know I am in the car the next morning, fussing with myself about the fact, I did not post anything the day before. I am seriously considering the idea of buying a bluetooth just so I won't look so odd arguing with myself in the car, but I digress.

I am asked to award another newbie blogger, however all of the wonderful folks I read are experienced pros. So I will pass on the honor to encourage another newbie as soon as I can.

Thanks again Dorte.

No, I'm Not Compulsive

I have no idea why anyone would think I am compulsive!

Just because my GoodReads to read list is at 200, does not make me compulsive.

Just because I, who has never grown a vegetable in my life and recently went an entire week not eating any veggies [unless french fries count] spent over $40 today [$19 last week] on seeds, starter trays, potting soil and liquid seaweed - that does not make me compulsive.
It is unfair to suggest I am compuslive because my Google Reader is tracking 897 blogs. And there is nothing wrong with the fact they are categorized.

I do not consider myself to suffer from any sort of compulsive behavior disorder. I prefer to think of myself as a fascinating, dynamic woman with a wide assortment of interests.
You agree don't you?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Long-Legged Fly by James Sallis

The Long-Legged Fly, originally published in 2000, introduced James Sallis’s detective Lew Griffin. The book feels more like a short story collection than a novel, as the focus is not a single mystery. Instead, the common thread is Griffin himself. Although he frequently finds missing persons, Griffin struggles to find himself.

The book traces his life and career over a twenty-six year period (1964-1990) as Griffin shifts from women, crimes and sanity. The last chapter is perhaps the most haunting and enigmatic. It involves Griffin’s search for his grown son, who failed to return to America from Europe as planned.

Narrator G. Lamont Thomas expertly draws the listener into the sultry and somber atmosphere created by Sallis. The combination of Thomas’ voice and Sallis words easily encompasses you in a melancholy world, where all to frequent there are not happy ever after endings.

The talent of the narrator was a key reason I enjoyed this book. It was a rainy week when I listened to the audiobook. The combination of cloudy days, and Thomas’ narration left me wondering, if the sun would ever come out again.

The Long-Legged Fly is perhaps not a great mystery story but it is a well written examination of the title character’s life and dark world. I give the book a solid three stars.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Welcoming New Friends

2009 is proving to be a year where I try to reach out and get in touch with the things that have brought me joy in the past. First it was reading, after spending 2008 reading maybe five books, I nearly matched that total in January alone.

Something else I have loved is probably best described as garden watching, because I have great plans to garden, I normally start out well and lose steam as the Texas heat soars. Today I discovered a great wealth of photos and more important information on gardening across the blogsphere.

Now I have a flower bed in my front yard, that includes four roses that thrive despite my neglect. A recent flowerbed clean out by someone who was being helpful but not too knowledgeable took out a few of other items that grew so I have really blank palate.

So, this week I will order those seeds, stop by the nursery and recruit the assistance of my neighbor to create those beds in my backyard. I look forward to inspiration from the experienced folk out there!

First question: I am looking for a flowering, SCENTED vine to grow on my gate. I know I could do honeysuckle but looking for other ideas to consider. I bought a jasmine last year, which has grown a little bit but I have to admit I never smell it.

I live in Dallas, TX which is Zone 7 I believe. Any suggestions?