Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bahama Burnout by Don Bruns

Don Bruns is back with the fifth book in his Caribbean mystery series featuring music journalist Mick Sever in Bahama Burnout. This time Sever is on assignment for Newsweek in Nassau, Bahamas. He is there to tell the story of the resurrection of a music studio that once produced legendary music. After the changes in the music industry when anyone with a laptop and the right software can engineer their own CD, the studio fell on hard times. Then there was the fire with an unidentified body.

Sever is friends with the new owners of Highland Studios, Jonah and Rita Britt. So, when he learns of the urban legend concerning a ghost and other strange happenings, this becomes more than just a news story for Sever.

At first the question is who burned down the studio a year ago, and is there really a ghost, possibly the spirit of the charred unidentified body causing all the recent mayhem. Is it simply teenagers seeking drug money or fun that busted one guitar and stole another – from a locked room? Or is it as the islanders and Rita believes the work of the ghost?

Bruns has created a story that entertains on many levels. You have an island paradise setting, and enough music references from Elvis to Robert Palmer and Sheryl Crow to light up your iPod along with a solid whodunit with many twists and turns. Old fans and first timers will enjoy Bahama Burnout from fiery start to the surprising ending.


  1. Sounds interesting. I do have a soft spot for cosy mysteries.

  2. This was definitely an interesting read. There were a lot of clues but at first I did not pick up on them. Still ... there was some questions left for the reader to figure for themselves. That was good.

  3. Just wanted to let you know you have a Blog Award waiting for you.

    Hope you enjoy it.

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