Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Salon

Yes I'm still alive and yes I have fallen a bit behind on my reading. Goes without saying I am behind on my posting but I will catch up this week I hope.

Despite a four day weekend last week, I did very little reading. Between time spent with friends, hours watching history happen live on CNN and then drowning at work, I had very little time for reading. When I had time, I had very little energy.

But my local bookclub has the first meeting of the year on Friday night, so I must get going on the selection for January. The book is Secret Daughter: A Mixed-Race Daughter and the Mother Who Gave Her Away. The title let's you know this likely not going to be happy ever after story. I generally do not enjoy memoirs, however June Cross is rather talented and does not treat this difficult subject with a heavy hand.

It is always a good idea to have a paperback in your purse to pass the time when stuck in a long line or waiting somewhere. This week my little paperback has been M. C. Beaton's Death of a Dentist. This is my third Beaton book this year (ever actually) but my first Hamlet MacBeth.

So often to brunch with friends, perhaps a nap and then down to some serious reading on Secret Daughter because I must finish the book by Friday and I think I am on page 12.

I will also try to post at least one review tonight because tomorrow I have eight books I believe to highlight on Monday Mailbag.


  1. I keep coming across the name M.C. Beaton on different blogs. They seem to be very popular books, so will have to have a read of one.

  2. I would like to read M.C. Beaton sometime...I know what you mean about keeping a book for lines...I read every spare second. ;)